Sunday, January 4, 2009


Well, here goes my first foray into the wonderful world of blogging! And, seeing as it is the beginning of a New Year, what is more appropriate than to discuss New Year resolutions?

On New Years Eve, while I was standing in downtown Grand Rapids watching the Plain White T's perform in Rosa Parks Circle, I was struck by a sudden realization: I had not made any new New Years resolutions. Oh sure, just like everyone else around me in the freezing 20 degree weather I had made some New Years resolutions - it seems to be a human compulsion to set unattainable goals for ourselves - but, for the past few years, my New Years resolutions have all been...well...the same: I'm going to buckle down next semester and have a 4.0 semester, I'm going to eat healthy and exercise regularly, I'm going to be the poster child of contentment and happiness. Are these goals attainable? Some would say, "yes." It is true that I've gotten better at exercising regularly and have found some modicum of happiness in this hectic world. But, are these resolutions challenging me, are they pushing me to stretch my potential, to abandon my safety blanket, to broaden my horizons? No.

So, after my long preamble, without further ado I present my New Years resolutions.


1) Make the world a better place (I know it's subjective, but I am intrigued to see how many different ways I can do this :)
2) Follow my dreams (This means I will do more theatre, stop putting myself into predetermined vocational tracks and stop being my own worst road block!)
3) Be the exception, not the rule. (Take that as you will...)
4) Talk less, listen more; avoid conversing in monologues!
5) Begin studying and understanding other religions. (This is inspired by all of my friends in the international community.)
6) Learn how to play the ukulele. ("Why," you might ask? "Why not!?" I say.)
7) Talk to someone new every day. I don't care if it is just chatting with someone on the bus or making a new friend in my classes. (This is along the "get out of my comfort-zone" lines.)
8) Regardless of my personal insecurities and fear of failure, I WILL apply to Harvard, Yale and Columbia University Law Schools.
9) Along the same lines as above, I will audition for a theatre production or show that I think I have no chance of getting cast in. (I need to get over my fear of failure somehow...Keep the dream alive man!)
10) Love. Everyone, every day, everything. (Easier said than done...)

What an eclectic list of resolutions :) So, dear reader, I ask you: are you resolved?

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  1. Frank it is.

    And number 4, wanna work on that together?
    I'm already all over number 3 though, I can help you with that. ;)